Friday, August 27, 2010

Tree Of Life Necklace

I am so excited to have won this necklace, about three months ago I gave my daughter my only good necklace as she just adored it (it was a Ankh and she is very into Egyptology) so I have not had a really nice silver necklace in all that time. Well in the mail today came a new one, a Tree of Life. Jacaranda Designs Jewelry, these are "handcrafted, unique and sassy" says so on the card :) and it also says that custom orders are welcome! I won this perhaps 10 days ago - or less, and to have it arrive today was a complete surprise, again great customer service, that impresses me. It came just beautifully wrapped - sadly my picture of that did not work but it was so pretty and it came packaged in such a way that it would not get damaged. Please go check out Jane's sites - really you will be impressed - her blog is and her website is
go check her you - you will love it!!!! Here is my pic, of my new prize possession!

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