Monday, August 2, 2010

My weight loss -before and after

So on a number of blog contests I have entered I have referred to my 100 pound weight loss that I have gone threw this year, I thought perhaps I had better back that up a bit. I started last June with some serious changes to my diet - portion control in a HUGE way and exercise in the form of one mean Wii coach LOL and walking my dog every morning rain or shine, and living where I do it was mostly rain LOL. No one noticed the first 30 pounds, I started at 230 pounds but once I broke 200 pounds people started to comment. Then when I broke 165 pounds people really took notice - 165 is the "normal" weight for my height. I am now 130 and just loving it. I have never been the thin one, I have never in my life had a hard time finding clothing because they have not had clothing SMALL enough for me LOL got to say I like it! So here are some picks for you - a year and a lot of hard work, and family support later.

July 2009 - 230 lbs

Aug 2010 - 130 lbs


  1. Congrats on the weight loss. I hate going by what "they" say is normal weight. I'm 5'9" and should weight 165 as well. When I reached that I was like woah I'm fat. I went crazy and lost the 15 pounds to be back to my happy weight of 140!

  2. I think that everyone must have a base weight of where they should be - or maybe where their body is happy. I am not sure, all I know is that I was 165 pounds all my life, then I went on a medication that caused me to gain all the weight, now at this weight - man alive, it is heaven. I love being the thin one. It is nice isn't it? Especially being tall like we are, being really thing just applifys that height I think, I am really liking it anyway :) It's a first for me. Good for you by the way!