Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chicken Lunch Bag

Today my very fun Lavish And Lime lunch bag came it is a chicken of all things - it is so very funny. It is made neoprene like fabric, so when you put your cold items in it they stay cold, I intend to put a frozen juice box in it with my lunch and see how it works. It is really big for a "kids" lunch bag. My husband and I are wondering which of us get it though :) We both take packed lunches to work and this is to fun to pass up.
Lavish and Lime also sell a Apple, Ladybug, Cow, Monkey, Rocket and a Cupcake (my favorite) of the same size, style. They are all so sweet. They have backpacks as well - in tons of styles. Pop over to their site and check them out, they are a Vancouver company - yay Canadian! they have tons of great products. I won this from a great site, I glean so much local info from them, they are well worth checking out as well, especially if you are Canadian, they also have AMAZING contests.


  1. Love it. So glad you're enjoying it. Thanks for the post also.

    Carrie Anne,

  2. Thanks for the great post! We're so happy you like this bag as much as we do - would love to who won the toss up to take it to work, you or your husband?
    Co-founder, Lavish & Lime

  3. Well so far it has been to the beach, and a picnic at the park - the hubby has yet to pry it out of the girls hands LOL -they love the chicken!!! I would love the cupcake one now, it is just the sweetest thing I have ever seen, and so girly!!