Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Well posts have been a bit slow around here, I cut off the tip off my index finger - not all off it but enofe to seriously hamper my ability to type - try it some time, typing without your index finger, it sucks LOL. I am still typing without it but at least it does not hurt as badly now.
Our Christmas was great, my family was trilled with all my winnings, my mom loved her two book Cd's. My young's just loved her piggy key chain, her papoose for her baby in bright pink,  her ballet puppet, and her bag with amazingly sweet faces on it. My oldest loved her Cat book. My husband got some all to yummy hot sauce. Considering I did not start entering contests until the summer I got allot off my Christmas gifts this way. I intend to start right away with putting allot of my winnings aside for birthday and Christmas gifts this year - see if I can have a very cheep year next year, would be so nice! I am going to make a chart and mark off who I have got something for so as I win things I know who is left, should work well, and be very efficient/effective - what I did learn is to not have my list on a loose piece of paper. I am going to put it in my Mom's diary that I won just last week (have not posted about it yet). It will be my own little contest with myself to see if I can will all my Christmas stuff, with the exception off a couple for my kids of course. Do any of you do this?

Monday, December 20, 2010

My Secret Santa arrived!

Well on Friday my package from my Secret Santa present arrived, first of all my buddy ended up being Katie from concertkatie.blogspot.com she has a great blog all about her concerts that she goes to (she goes to a lot of them!) and photo taking, scrap booking ect. Go check her out. So my gift was one of my favorite things, bath goodies, two Christmas tree bath bombs, three tiny wash cloths that looked like candy! and a soap that also looks like a candy, very unique, and not anything that I had ever seen before. I can not wait to use the bath bombs, I am just finishing a three day work week, and then I will be soaking in a nice bath tonight :)  Thanks so much Katie - so appreciated, believe me, I do not get a lot of bath stuff and I just love it!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Dewey's Nine Lives

A book came in the mail the other day, that I was hoping would come in time for Christmas. I wanted to win this so badly for my animal loving daughter. She will just love this book, then I will sneak it out of her hoard of books and read it to :) It looks amazing, and uplifting. I won it from Nolie at  http://www.noliesplace.com/ she made my day with that e-mail! This cat was a rescue, and and lives in the town library who goes on to inspire the entire town and beyond. My daughter often looks on the darker side, and I think that this book might help her to look at things a little lighter. I look forward to her putting a review on her hopefully after Christmas. But for now I just wanted to post that this great book is here and you can get it on Amazon or at your book store, a great Christmas gift for sure!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Cupcake Necklace

My daughter is having a cupcake themed birthday party soon and when I won a gift certificate to BeatBlack.etsy.com I knew that I had to get this to sweet/grumpy cupcake for her to wear to her party. It came a couple weeks ago but I have been working crazy hours and have not had time to update my blog. The amazing thing about this, is it came all wrapped up for her, with a bow and sweets inside! She was just thrilled. She is not allowed to wear it yet but is so excited and sadly is not allowed to be on my blog (I am one of "those" parents LOL) so I am modeling it but it is just adorable. My older daughter wants the Brain Matter necklace badly - it suits her! Her is a picture of the cupcake on my neck, not the birthday girl, it will look even sweeter on on soon to be 6 year old, but I will have to do, thanks so much Sarah from http://www.beatblack.com/blog.html for this lovely necklace for my lovely birthday girl - she will cherish it and it will be the hit of the party I am sure!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I won a Hairy Kids set from The Spilt Milk Moms ages ago and it did not arrive, I really stewed over contacting them after a very bad result from contacting another blog about something not arriving - I finally did perhaps on Sunday, could even have been Monday, they were SO gracious, and polite to me. I was honestly floored by how they treated me after my last experience with this sort of thing.  Anyway. Today this lovely little package came from hairykids, they are from  Salt Spring Island, which is just a Island hop from where I live, a lovely little art community - very nice. These are just so nice - they smell amazing. My oldest daughter is already asking where we can buy them - I am hoping I can buy them in a store, and not just online, I have to go and find that out myself :) They have smells like Lemonade, Tropical, Unscented, and Seaside.  My youngest was our lucky guinea pig tonight and will give a little blurb in a second here - but first I have to say my bit, she smell like candy - honestly, this stuff has nothing  in it to harm my lovely little girl, nothing toxic (there is a huge list of what you do not want on your child and what they do not have on the sheet that it comes with- look on the web site!) http://www.hairykids.ca/  She used the Tropical scent, she used it all, bubble bath, shampoo and conditioner. They used the tiniest about of bubble bath and had a massive amount of long lasting bubbles. My husband was amazed at how easily the shampoo and conditioner washed out of her long curly hair, and really she smells like candy. now in her words:
"it was very smooth, and it smelled goooooooood. The bubbles were HUGE, they almost went over my legs. The shampoo is great, I loved it, it is white but that is fine. The conditioner is good to.And I love how I smell :) I will use this again and again and again.....I think I will try the other smells to. " My youngest, aged 5

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chocolate Yum!

I had a huge box of Nestle chocolate come in my mailbox the other day - it is already half gone. We are just loving the pre Halloween treat, thanks Jessica from all my family who each got a favorite in the box. There are Smarties, Kit Kat, Coffee Crisp, and Aero - so we are all covered :) You can look up Nestle at
http://www.nestle.ca/ to see what other goodies they may have for you or pop off to your grocery store and buy the big 94 bar pack that I got to sample - you won't be sorry. OR you could be more noble than I and give them out to the nice little kids coming to your door on the 31st! My kids will be a witch and a veterinarian - if you happen to see them, they love Smarties and Kit Kat's!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ficklets eyeglass Jewelry

My daughter get her Ficklets Eyeglass Jewelry a couple weeks ago and I have meant to post about it, but between the stomach bug going threw out home, and thanksgiving have not had time. She put them on her glasses and honestly has not taken one or the other pair off since. She got the Ballet Slippers and the Jewel Butterfly's.  Everywhere this child goes people comment - kids and adults want to know where she got them, are they a part of here glasses, can they get some to LOL, she is a trend setter in this town! If I had business cards for Flicklets I could make them a fortune I tell you! Truly http://ficklets.com/ this is the coolest thing for kids glasses ever! She is in LOVE and wants more!  My daughter is pretty outgoing and loves to show people new things, she loves attention and I tell you things brings her attention.  The pictures I took did not do the jewelry justice so PLEASE go look at the site - they are SO worth the money p- if you have a child with glasses order some, really I am telling people they should get things but if you must wear glasses (I did as a kid and still do, both my girls do) then at least you should look cool. They have a piece for everyone, animals, sports, just jewels, you name it they have it. Even some movie stars are getting them for their kids now apparently!  So worth the $$$ In my opinion, and we will be getting her more.