Friday, August 6, 2010

Contest Wins

So I have been entering a lot of contests for about six weeks now, and I all of a sudden have come up with some wins, I just not have had my dear husband around to help me with the pictures :) I am going to get to it tomorrow though. I have won a book for my lovely oldest daughter though, and a $100 gift certificate to Canadian Tire from a small essay I wrote about water safety (a small passion of mine). So I am a very happy lady. It does seem to be paying off so to speak, I would love to win something for my youngest daughter, she is going to be sad when the book comes for the older, and there is nothing for her, but something will come. What I am trying to win for her is jewelry as it is what she likes :) Or backpacks LOL, odd that my home schooled child likes them so much but she does.


  1. Congrats! I have new giveaways every Friday this month:) See you there?

  2. I will come check it out for sure!