Friday, August 27, 2010

Little Lolita Drawing

Gossamer Hollow sent me a wonderful picture that is now gracing my daughters wall. What honestly impressed me so very much about this woman was that I had contacted her because it had not shown up and the conversations we had back and forth we so amazing, I was awed - truly! This business has some serious customer service and I was just a winner of a blog contest. That goes a LONG way with me. My daughter says "I love it" (she is nine LOL) I tried to get more out of her ;) Here are some pics, I put it in the frame with the backing, it is just red paper but it looks great with it in my opinion. Here are some address that came with it


  1. What a fantastic write-up and feature! I am *tickled* that you and your daughter are happy with your contest prize. I think the black frame with the red border/mat is perfect! Best wishes to you both!


  2. Thanks Heather, it will be treasured for sure, my daughter is so in love with it, and can't wait to show all her girl friends :) I am so glad you added some links - thanks!