Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Uglee Pens

Well they arrived! I had thought, after e-mailing the blog - oh weeks ago and not hearing back and not seeing my pens in the mail that they were not coming, not a big deal really three little pens but it did bug me that the blog owner did not even respond to my e-mail. Well this week they showed up! They are very strange/cool pens. They write like silk, it is rare to write with a pen that smooth  and they feel like a very cheap pen - that sounds awful, what I mean is they do not feel high end, not sure what they cost. Now the pen is covered in the squishy plastic, to make you hold it properly, I love it, how it makes me hold it and that it is soft - BUT I could see that as a kid who had major sensory issues I would not have touched it - my oldest touched it and I kid you not said "hey mom, it feels like boogers!" it is sort of sticky and squishy so ya, I see where she is coming from LOL. I really like these pens and if they are in my budget they will be my new usual pens - they are NICE!!! They are black ink to which I love.  Sorry no picture this time, they got taken too fast!

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