Thursday, September 16, 2010

Crocheted Humpty Dumpty

Today in my mailbox came a crocheted Humpy Dumpty. My youngest daughter became the recipient of this little guy, so she's going to write the review. Here goes:

I had a really fun time with him. I like my Humpty Dumpty more than I like Hobbes. I like Humpty Dumpy more than I like our house. I like his pants. I really like the pink on him.

Clearly she's a girl of many words. It's funny because she won't stop talking usually except when I'd like her to say something. Anyways, The Humpty Dumpty was made by Clare Tovey, who has a web site: My daughter has taken quite a liking to him, insisting that we bring him out on our excursions so that he can see the world.

Here is a photo:


  1. I's so glad he's arrived safely, and that you both love him!

  2. Hi Clare, she just adores him, slept with him all night and and is carrying him around now all morning :) It is very sweet - she is trying to decide if I should make him a horse or a "kings men" LOL. Once she decideds I will make him a friend. :) He is already a well loved friend!