Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kimochis Review

My daughters are the proud new owners of Cloud, the Happy, sad, angry, happy Kimochi who lives in the big sky :) If you have not heard of these lovely little guys - there is Cloud, Bug, Huggtopus, Cat, and Lovey Dove each one represents different emotions. They come with a book that tells you about not only your Kimochi but all of them so you get a great sense of their world - it is just like my girls world, sometimes hurtful, sometimes sad, sometimes volatile and often full of forgiveness. These little guys are just lovely they are so soft and the perfect size for my five year old who has ADHD and has such a hard time with boundaries and space as well as knowing when to say what. We have already identified Huggtopus as the one for her, she is all smiles and hugs, she is sometimes carried away by her personality and strength that can be a little overbearing, she needs to work on respecting others boundaries :) Much like my little one - she already wants this purple one for Christmas!
My nine year old identifies more with Bug, he is thoughtful and cautious he is a great conversationalist and is known to talk himself and others out of any given situation. He is afraid of change which being a Caterpillar is a problem :) He secretly dreams of flying. She is not as taken with her cloud as my five year old who has not put him down in two days - really, and on the street today three people stopped her to ask what he was! She really enjoyed letting them know :)  You can find these wonderful creatures that your child will just adore at:

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