Monday, September 13, 2010

My "mojo"

Recently someone from another blog commented on my lucky "mojo" with regards to all my blog wins, I wanted to say something about that, I started to blog to document my starting off on this road of doing contests mainly and then it very quickly started going down the blog contest road to. Now I would say I enter 80% blog contests and 20% Canadian sweepstakes, and essay type contests, I really like those, the ones your write in for - the $100 gift card for Canadian Tire was one of those. I learned very quickly that I was not winning any sweepstakes (that I could see anyway) and within a week of seriously entering blogs I was winning. Now I enter ALOT of blog contests, I spend about two hours each morning and another two each evening, and that is all I do - enter, enter, enter - so for those wondering - that is why I am winning so many. I am not sure this will carry on forever - I would LOVE to win most if not all of my extended family Christmas gifts this way - but who knows, I am finding a decent amount do not show up to LOL. After Christmas I may slow down, stop, who knows I am having a blast right now and that is what matters :) I do my morning blog entries while my kids are asleep and my evening entries while DH has them so I can have a much needed break.  There - explained :) I feel better, I was feeling guilty of all things LOL.

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