Friday, September 24, 2010

Private Audio Book arrived

My mom loves to listen to audio books in her car while she drives, she lives about an hour from the "big city" and us and drives allot, so this is how she passes the time. She also has no "ear" for music. So I have entered a few contests thinking I would get her a couple of these for Christmas, well this was one I won for her. She will love it I think, it is about Jack Morgan, a Helicopter Pilot who runs a PI company that branches all around the globe.It has murder, suspense, and a workplace love affair :) she will love it I think. Hopefully she can keep her eyes on the road at the same time, and remember not to listen to it while my kids are in the car LOL


  1. I hope she likes it! My mom also likes to listen to them when she is driving.


  2. Maybe it is a mom thing :) She has a huge collection!