Thursday, July 15, 2010

Well this is new for me, I have been trying to win a contest - both blog and sweepstakes for about two weeks now with no luck so far - at least I have not heard from anyone that I have won yet but we will see. I keep opening my in-box thinking today is the day LOL. I am ready to win something now. I have entered some blogs that I would so love to win, one is for a amazing Bear Mug - it is just beautiful, my daughter would so love it for Christmas.

The sweepstakes I wants to win, oddly, are for cleaning products. I am a bit of a cleaner and I spend far to much on them so if I can win them - great :) I guess that says something about me though doesn't it.

I have two girls, one with ADHD and one is Bi-Polar so going on trips would be hard unless we could all go together, so I do not enter to many trip contests, though I do like the odd - girlfriend - trip :) I would like to go off with the girls to New York to shop or something, who wouldn't.

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