Friday, July 23, 2010

Another win and a Welcome!

Well I have a Follower - that is as good as a win any day -welcome Eileen -welcome, you are my official first and the "other" is just my husband LOL. I am happy to have you here!
I also got a e-mail this morning saying "I" won tickets to Dinner for Schmucks I say "I" because it is not really my kind of movie and as we can not really afford a sitter for a movie that we don't REALLY want to see my hubby is going to try and go with his good friend. They will love it, I think it is more of a guy movie anyway. I do no really enjoy movies that make fun of people,it's sad - as I was that kid in school :( and I guess kind of still feel that way if you know what I mean? But I won - that is two wins in 24 hours and I feel good LOL.
Still entering like a fiend to. The one I really want to win is for these Worry monsters - called the WorryWoos - I have entered two different blog contests for them now, one for just one monster and one for a set - I would so love to win, one of my daughters has pretty big worries and I think having a little guy/or gal around to worry with her might help a bit. I intend to get her one for Christmas if I don't win but I will enter every contest for them that I come across (for us Canadians ;)
My other obsession is clothes for me - I have lost 100 pounds in the last year and for the first time in my life I feel sexy - really really good about myself and I do not have allot of clothing -and NO good quality clothes as all as we are a single income family in one of the most expensive cities in Canada LOL. But I make do and I look a heck of allot better now than I did - but still - I am entering :)

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