Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday at Leaving the Lights On

I went to a great event yesterday called Leaving the Lights On - put on my a friend of mine. It was for women, about women. There were speakers and tables set up with different products - some to try, if you were willing to stand in line you could even get a manicure! There was someone doing Airbonne makeup as well as massages being done. This was all free once you were in the door. I had such a nice kid free four hours. The speakers talked about relaxation, sexuality, reproductive health, and of all things burlesque! it was fabulous. We all walked away with a goody bag of coupons, a few samples, condoms from the Sexual Health Center, and lots of other fun things. I came aways with a brilliant book for my daughter called:
Little Women's Guide to Personal Power - how to turn your monthly menstruation into your biggest blessing of your life. Written by Kyla Plaxton. Her web site is :
and it is published by Little Goddess Enterprises
If you have a daughter coming into puberty and you want her to see this as a positive - this is a great book - I am thrilled with it. this book alone was worth the entrance fee to Leaving the Lights on. My daughter has already been into the book - read most of it since last night and is really liking it as well. Kyla writes in a easy to read manner and talks about girls bodies in a non-embarrassing way (at least for my daughter). There is a work book section in the back for girls to try and work out ways to deal with their PMS in a positive way as well and to chart their cycles. The actual reading part is only 70 pages long and the rest is the work book part - about 100 pages of that - so they can really grasp their cycles.
So it was a great day, well worth it and I had a afternoon off from the kiddletts :)

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