Friday, July 30, 2010

Review - Dinner For Schumcks

Well I won tickets to the preview to Dinner for Schmucks last night so I went with my dear husband. He so deserved it after all the hours he has plugged into this blog of "mine". We went to a great dinner first at a Greek place, had Calamari, and Tzaki with pita as well as Greek meet balls and Humus. So good. Then the movie. Well, what to say. What we saw of it was really good, really touched on the delicate subject of making fun of people (a subject I really am very sensitive to as I was always "that" kid in school). Now we missed allot of the movie for two reasons, first at least 1/2 the movie had no sound!!! BUT they kept playing the movie LOL with no sound, so my husband and I made our own dialogue which to be honest was allot of fun and was a pretty good bonding experience for me, if that makes sense. They also seemed to cut parts out when they turned the movie off three or four times to try to fix the sound problem then the movie would seem to jump ahead a bit - not to mention all the time we had missed the dialogue on the movie. But being that it was comedy it was pretty easy to follow what had happend. It was really funny and the audience for the most part was really good natured about it all. We got free movie passes out of - as we should of if my mind. All in all I want to see the movie when it comes out, with sound :), it was all about people getting along, despite our differences. I like that.
It was very funny and I also like that feel good feeling of laughing for two hours. Not a kids movie though -at least not for my kids - there was a young teen there and I would not have wanted my kids of that age there if I had them, but to each there own. I would recommend this movie for sure, not sure if it is a big screen movie if you are not REALLY into that kind of comedy or you have allot of money - but it is defiantly worth renting. We rarely go to movies that are not ones that "should be seen on a big screen" if you know what I mean. But we are a single income family. I would love to go to allot more, if we could I love going to them.

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