Friday, July 16, 2010

Review: Bio-Groom Dog Shampoo & Ear Cleaner

Today I tried out a new Shampoo on my Black Lab Dravyn. The Company is called Bio-Groom and the shampoo was called Natural Oatmeal Anti - Itch. It smelled so good compaired to her usual shampoo - really sweet, almost like mint though I am not sure that is quite what it is. I did not use very much and that dog was sudsy for the full scrub - I have never had her this bubbly with shampoo before. I bought the bottle - 355 ml thinking it would last 2 months tops with a weekly bath and now I am thinking perhaps it will last three or more! I am impressed, and will be buying this again, perhaps not the Oatmeal everytime - I bought this kind because it was on sale, they have lots of scents/formulas.

At the same time I bought Dravyn some Bio-Groom Ear-Care Ear Cleaner, I have used a ton of different products to try and keep the ear mites at bay on this dog - any of you having Labs, or any floppy eared dog really will understand I am sure. Well I have used this three times this week, and she is now not rubbing her ears AT ALL - this is huge - just huge! This actually works! You put a squirt in your dogs ear, rub her ear vigorously then become a human cotton swab with a piece of cotton and wipe out all the black gunk. The first day there was four cotton pads worth (from her "bad" ear) the second time I filled two pads, and today - the pad was light brown!!! WOW! I am sold impressed. I think Dravyn is too :) I bought these at a small specialty pet store, they were areound $13 Canadian each - well worth it in my mind.

Bio-Groom also makes products for Cats, Ferrets and Horses :)

A Clean & happy Dravyn ->

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