Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ah Saturday and Costco!

I went to Costco this morning with the youngest - we were there at opening, it was very quiet and civilized, within an hour everyone in town must have been there - really! It went from easy shopping to fender bender shopping. Crazy, we almost always go there on a week day evening, not sure what possessed me to go today - oh yes I know. We shop on Pay Day and today was the day LOL. Perhaps I should have fed us rice until Monday and gone Monday night instead! Must say though the staff were just amazing! They went and got me a icing sugar when I told them at the till that the box was closed (I was just suggestion someone be informed so they can open it for others I was OK to go without this time), they refunded my coupon I forgot to use then brought in ten minutes later without the product only my shopping list and the coupon. They were just great. Then my youngest and I gorged on the famous hot dogs and if that was not enough we had to share a caramel Sunday after that! I rolled home to put my loot away.
I go to Costco with a list from my menu plan for two weeks - I almost never veer off of it - and I write down the cost of every last dime I spend as I spend it - I know when I get to that till exactly what it will say. I have caught them out big time more than once and I am always right!
I recommend everyone become a granny shopper like me - though no one else ever does - I have never seen another 36 year old doing it - heck I have only ever seen the 80 plus set doing it. And once this older woman came over and congratulated me on doing it! But I save a ton of money.

My sad news today, at least for me was I woke up this morning to eight - yes read it eight- e-mails from blogs telling me I did not win there contests! How is that! I felt like e-mailing them back (poor looser that I was by the third or fourth e-mail) and asking if they would like to pour some salt in my wounds LOL. NO really I am just fine, a bit sad, I am yet to win and I have entered HUNDREDS of contests, blogs, sweepstakes ect. I so want to win, I really do...... I honestly thought for the first couple e-mails that I had won and I just about died LOL - I am learning, won't get so excited now, just hopeful. These e-mails have not happened before today though so not sure what happened there.

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