Friday, July 16, 2010

I have had unbelievable frustration trying to bring links from blogs here to show what they have for contests - and then to show them that I have linked here - I have spent a couple hours trying now with not much luck. Just goes to show how compter illiterate I am really, not something I can brag about, but I am trying hard.
I spend about an hour each morning bright and early having my piece of toast and coffee doing sweepstakes on Win Free Stuff it is a great Canadian contest site that tells you what you have entered, also when you need to enter them ie if it is daily or weekly, or a one off. It also has checks to mark off if you are uninterested - I just love this site. In one hour I can do the whole site and it is fun for me. I must say though now that I have found blog sites I am prefering the intimacy of them. I like feeling like I am getting to know some people (I know I am not really) but I am going back to these blogs again and again and reading them. I look at the contest sites and actually look around at the places I really like. Some of them I intend to do some Christmas and birthday shopping on. I would never have found these places without these contests. It is just wonderful.
I am learning alot, hopefully over the next few weeks/months I will learn alot more. Hopefully I will get some readers other than just my husband :) Nice as he is! I need to know how to get a counter, have tried to google it but no luck, if you know how let me know please - it would be great to know if there is anyone comming here or not yet.

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