Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Busy Weekend

My husband and I went to Wild Play Elements Park, the web site is www.wildplay.com it is simply put being a monkey for a hour or two :) This is the second time we have gone, last time we were both scared to death the whole time and came down (you are WAY up in the trees) this time we both enjoyed it - without fear - but did not get the same adrenalin rush from it. It is a great work out, and trust building within yourself. There are three courses in BC, one in Nanaimo, one in Victoria and one in Whistler. They are all different from each other and we intend to try them all :) The one we go to has zip lines, rope swings, wobbly bridges, tightropes, ladders, obstacle courses (way up in the trees remember) swinging logs to walk across. It takes allot of courage and mental awareness to do and it is just relay good for your self esteem to do it.
We did this for our 11 year wedding anniversary which was on Saturday! I can't believe it has been 11 years already! We got married on the beach at my mom's house, with only 18 people there, we spent next to nothing and got married in bare feet. We only had our best friends there and every one said it was the best wedding they had ever been to (perhaps everyone says that to the bride and groom LOL) To top it off it was a pot luck! We are very nontraditional people and we REFUSED to go into debt to get married, not us LOL. It was a day to remember anyway, as they always are.
Have not won anything else - yet - but will keep you posted as it goes/comes.

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