Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I won a Hairy Kids set from The Spilt Milk Moms ages ago and it did not arrive, I really stewed over contacting them after a very bad result from contacting another blog about something not arriving - I finally did perhaps on Sunday, could even have been Monday, they were SO gracious, and polite to me. I was honestly floored by how they treated me after my last experience with this sort of thing.  Anyway. Today this lovely little package came from hairykids, they are from  Salt Spring Island, which is just a Island hop from where I live, a lovely little art community - very nice. These are just so nice - they smell amazing. My oldest daughter is already asking where we can buy them - I am hoping I can buy them in a store, and not just online, I have to go and find that out myself :) They have smells like Lemonade, Tropical, Unscented, and Seaside.  My youngest was our lucky guinea pig tonight and will give a little blurb in a second here - but first I have to say my bit, she smell like candy - honestly, this stuff has nothing  in it to harm my lovely little girl, nothing toxic (there is a huge list of what you do not want on your child and what they do not have on the sheet that it comes with- look on the web site!)  She used the Tropical scent, she used it all, bubble bath, shampoo and conditioner. They used the tiniest about of bubble bath and had a massive amount of long lasting bubbles. My husband was amazed at how easily the shampoo and conditioner washed out of her long curly hair, and really she smells like candy. now in her words:
"it was very smooth, and it smelled goooooooood. The bubbles were HUGE, they almost went over my legs. The shampoo is great, I loved it, it is white but that is fine. The conditioner is good to.And I love how I smell :) I will use this again and again and again.....I think I will try the other smells to. " My youngest, aged 5

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