Friday, November 12, 2010

Cupcake Necklace

My daughter is having a cupcake themed birthday party soon and when I won a gift certificate to I knew that I had to get this to sweet/grumpy cupcake for her to wear to her party. It came a couple weeks ago but I have been working crazy hours and have not had time to update my blog. The amazing thing about this, is it came all wrapped up for her, with a bow and sweets inside! She was just thrilled. She is not allowed to wear it yet but is so excited and sadly is not allowed to be on my blog (I am one of "those" parents LOL) so I am modeling it but it is just adorable. My older daughter wants the Brain Matter necklace badly - it suits her! Her is a picture of the cupcake on my neck, not the birthday girl, it will look even sweeter on on soon to be 6 year old, but I will have to do, thanks so much Sarah from for this lovely necklace for my lovely birthday girl - she will cherish it and it will be the hit of the party I am sure!


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  2. That's very cute! Wee done on winning!

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  3. Hi Kristin, welcome, hope you like it here :) and Missy I have entered your lovely contest - hope I win the twiglet and you can then read a post about it here LOL :)

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  6. Tara and Hanna I followed you both back, I tried to post on your blog Tara but could not find a way but with Facebook which I do not have, sorry, and Hanna LOVE all your contest, entered ALL of them! Your blog rocks, signed up for your e-mail, and all LOL. If I ever figure out how to make that an option I will have that someday ;)