Saturday, October 9, 2010

An Observation of My Winnings

On the 18th of Sept or thereabouts I stopped using my email as my full e-mail and started breaking it up as is advised to stop spam, at that point, I seemed to stop my winning steak on winning blog contents as well. So on the 6th of Oct, when it dawned on my that this may be why I was no longer winning (it also had occurred to me that I had posted a blog about my luck and that may be why to) I stopped with the space and the typed out AT and DOT and went back to the spam drawing out e-mail, well on the seventh and today I have won -not sure at all if it proves a thing, but it is really interesting for sure, to me at least. I for one with keep my spam LOL. I just delete all those RRussian women that want me, it is easy enough to do :) I will have to wait and see if this carries on but it sure is interesting. The Sukey thing is that there was one thing in this dry spell, in fact the ONLY blog contest I have ever really ever tried to win, where I have done every single thing asked that I could do and I was doing this e-mail address now that I suspect did not work. It was for these super cool shoes that my youngest would sell her left leg for LOL, they are like a animal, three dimensional, crazy looking dog shoes (well the ones she loved were dogs) she wanted them so badly. I am sure I probably would not have won them anyway, but I would have loved to have for her. She would have worn them to the a pulp!

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