Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ficklets eyeglass Jewelry

My daughter get her Ficklets Eyeglass Jewelry a couple weeks ago and I have meant to post about it, but between the stomach bug going threw out home, and thanksgiving have not had time. She put them on her glasses and honestly has not taken one or the other pair off since. She got the Ballet Slippers and the Jewel Butterfly's.  Everywhere this child goes people comment - kids and adults want to know where she got them, are they a part of here glasses, can they get some to LOL, she is a trend setter in this town! If I had business cards for Flicklets I could make them a fortune I tell you! Truly this is the coolest thing for kids glasses ever! She is in LOVE and wants more!  My daughter is pretty outgoing and loves to show people new things, she loves attention and I tell you things brings her attention.  The pictures I took did not do the jewelry justice so PLEASE go look at the site - they are SO worth the money p- if you have a child with glasses order some, really I am telling people they should get things but if you must wear glasses (I did as a kid and still do, both my girls do) then at least you should look cool. They have a piece for everyone, animals, sports, just jewels, you name it they have it. Even some movie stars are getting them for their kids now apparently!  So worth the $$$ In my opinion, and we will be getting her more.

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